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Good Service 1st 


The GoodService1st DIY Garage will impact the world by creating innovative community garages equipped

with State-of-the-Art (SOA) tools (3D Printer, Dyno, EMC Tuner), equipment (Lift, Tire Machine), resources (workshops, training, etc.), and support (Technician & Certified Mechanic). GoodService1st will become the ‘Go-To-Spot’ for the growing +19% Per Year Shade-Tree and DIY-Mechanics and the catalyst to unlock a passion in the youth for improving their mechanical skills by working with their hands, while providing a sense of accomplishment for our customers (young, old, male, female) who dare to repair, optimize, or customize their vehicle(s) at GoodService1st.


GoodService1st was formed August 13 , 2020 primarily to support the Shade-Tree/DIY-Mechanic and hot-

rod subculture. After further research, our findings imply that this concept would result in substantial cost- savings, e.g. 28% - 70%for individuals who own newer model cars (6yrs - 10yrs old) which are typically out of warranty and can’t afford to get their vehicles repaired at the dealer. In addition, we found that Motorcycle & ATV owners would also benefit from our tools, lifts and services. Therefore we researched over 50 DIY garages around the nation and developed packages to fit the needs of our customers.


Uplift the communities we serve through programs, initiatives, and services that provide personal and economic empowerment, while promoting a standard of GoodService.

Founders & Advisory Board

GoodService1st is looking to build a long-term relationship with our clients, as we expect to serve Alabama families for generations. One of our great attributes is our team's diverse skillset. Our team is a melting pot of professional expertise spanning a plethora of industries, and have achieved successes in Manufacturing, Service, Automotive, Real Estate, and Technology, industries just to name a few.  This will enable us to build the right networks and partnerships, navigate through the city’s operating procedures and resources, while remaining compliant to any regulations.

Anthony Sharpe

Better Known As: Ford Man

Brings Lean Manufacturing  Expertise to the Automotive Industry

Conducted and Lead > $80K Per Year in Lean Training & Events For Aerospace Firms

Implemented Manufacturing Improvements that Enhanced Efficiency from 72% to 89% ($30K Savings Per Year) 

Implemented Automation Implementation that Saved Firm > $120K Per Year 

Fun Fact: Mustang Enthusiast  25yrs working with automobiles restoring, selling and adding high performance moods

Hurtis Vaughn

Better Known As: Hurt

Brings Extensive Leadership and Manufacturing Expertise; Critical the Success of the 1st Location, Notably: 

10 Years of Management Experience

14 Years of Manufacturing Experience

Pivotal in the Launch of 2 Major Aerospace Programs
(HondaJet and UH-60M)

 Successful leadership of 20 individuals to meet forecasts of $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 Per Month
 Substantially low monthly escapes (part deformity/returns), ~40% below target, leading teams
 Excellent record of 0 personal escapes, an impressive 100% below target in 15 years; thus saving the Firm $millions
Pivotal in the Launch of 2 Major Aerospace Programs; HondaJet and UH-60M


Fun fact: Customization Hobbyist who uses his spare time experimenting with Painting, Vinyl Wrapping and Hydro Dipping of Auto Components, ATV Parts, and just about anything (guns, shoes, gaming controllers) that's not nailed to the floor.

Quenton Bonds

Better Known As: The Innovator 

Business & Startup Addict from 8yrs Old

Awarded millions of dollars in concept-to-implementaiton funding 

Fun Facts: Water Fanatic: Surfing, Open-Water Swimming, Boating, Jet Skiing Fishing

Advisory Board

Keith Carter

Better Known As: Crazy Keith

Brings Superior Expertise in Tooling with 30+ Years of Full Time Mechanical Experience (Paint, Aerospace, Automotive, Et al)

Legend in the Hot Rod Community 

Fun Fact: Rides Around in a Toyota Tacoma He Converted to a 6-wheel Dually

Rebecca Siers

Better Known As: Motocross would be so much more fun :)

Brings Extensive (+20+yrsyears) Lean (Aerospace, Manufacturing, Healthcare) Expertise to this GoodService1st Automotive Concept

Prior startup and Small Business Owner; Successful in Firm & Startup Setup and Acquisition

Love wrenching on my toys as much as I do putting time on them!

12 years leading Quality Control and Continuous Improvement efforts in automotive

13 years standing up new facilities and leading excellence in manufacturing in Aerospace

 3 years Healthcare industry standing up new facilities and leading a culture change toward lean manufacturing 

Personal experience with small business ownership

Bringing over 20 years of Corporate and Lean manufacturing experience to the table; described as an “energetic leader driving enterprise excellence”

Fun fact - Motorcycle enthusiast...if it has 2 wheels, I can ride it (or 3 - just sold my CanAm Spyder)!  Love wrenching on my toys as much as I do putting time on them!

Lloyd Howard

Better Known As: Uncle Lloyd

Brings 64 years of Montgomery Small Business Leadership

President Montgomery Improvement Association Foundation 

Fun Fact: Civil Rights Activist Featured in Bus Exhibit at Rosa Parks Museum 


+30 years of Lean/Six Sigma Manufacturing Expertise

Critical to developing tooling systems
while mitigating loss and theft.

+55 years of Automotive Repair Expertise

Including maintenance, paint & body, and vehicle customization

Politician(s) and City Influencers

Aiding in forming strategic partnerships,
such as mentorship programs with the Diversion Centers, Vocational Schools and Technical Colleges

+20 years of Corporate Level Experience

Combining these experiences are integral to nationwide expansion

+100 years of Management Skills

Substantially increases the likelihood for success during our first location launch

+85 years of Entrepreneurship Experience

Connecting individual(s) who have received $millions in concept-to-implementation funding is proof of long-term sustainability

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