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Good Service 1st 

Calls to Action

Our main objective is to make a broader impact in the communities we serve; therefore we are looking to partner with as many of you as possible, and are open to ideas of how we can make Montgomery better via GoodService1st DIY Garage



Provide our venue as a resource for the hands-on portion of your curriculum.

Community College &

Technical Schools

Our stations, tools, and professionals will provide the lab/hands-on aspects of your curriculum will result in a substantial costs savings

Local Parts Stores

Join with us to host car-shows, community workshops, and free training. Together both our venues will attract more customers and a larger customer base.

Montgomery Public Schools

We are looking to partner with you for your high and vocational school programs; your students will have access to state of the art facilities & equipment

City of Montgomery

Use this space as a community safe-place wherein the local community gather around common interests

Alabama State University

In partnering with us, our services will be an asset to many of your students who cannot afford expensive car repairs; your College of Business Administration can utilize the goals of a local black owned business into your curriculum, e.g. in marketing, business development, research, ete; We welcome your CIS and CSC departments to develop our scheduling app and technology sectors of the business.

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